I sat at my desk for a long time last night, staring at my monitor.  I wanted to add an entry to my journal, but nothing was coming to me. I had been depressed all week and my bout with the blues just seemed to culminate last night with a really foul mood. Oh I was GRUMPY in the extreme. And restless.

I finally gave up and decided to go to bed. My nights have fallen into a rather calming routine...

Add food to cat bowl.

Make my way down the hall, listening to the floor creak.

Pit stop in the hall bathroom to use the facilities one last time before sleep and fill my babbling water fountain next to the sink with a cup full of tap water.

Pet the cat good night.

Slowly turn the knob on my bedroom door hoping it doesn't make that annoying metallic click that sometimes wakes up the boys.

Check on Tyler to make sure he hasn't kicked off all his blankets. He has. Replace covers and lightly stroke his hair.

Watch him sleep for a few moments and sigh.

Glance at husband snoring peacefully...glad I didn't disturb him this time. 

Grab a fresh bottle of Poland Springs water from the stash next to the window and have a few sips.

Smooth out the sheets and brush away any crumbs (Tyler or the cat always seem to track stuff into the bed).

Adjust my pillows.

Adjust my body.

Pull the covers up to my chin and tuck the sides under my top pillow to secure. I like having only my head exposed.

Settle into position on my side and try to turn off my brain for the night.

That is when I decided to write down my nightly routine for my next blog entry. Not very exciting, but it's me. Every night.

Today after a nice late sleep (I love Saturdays) I felt much better. Maybe the blues will stay away for a while. I hope so.


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