We had a major set-back in the potty training a few months ago. Tyler developed some fear about pooping in the potty and flat out refused to even try. He was doing so well with peeing in the potty that I was reluctant to put training on hold.

Then he decided he didn't like Pull-Ups any more...and NO WAY was I going to try and clean poop out of his cute little Bob the Builder underpants again.

So, back to diapers we went.

After having to excuse myself from a friend's graduation party yesterday (WTG on getting your Master's, Danit!!) in order to change a really stinky Tyler poop...I decided it was time to try again.

So he doesn't like Pull-Ups and big boy underpants aren't enough incentive? Fine! Today I told him NO DIAPERS.  He cried at first and tried to argue that he NEEDS his diaper for pooping.  I listened calmly and told him I wanted him to try. If he really really needed the diaper when it was time to poop, I would give it to him. He finally agreed to try...and he has been running around the house going commando. Yup. His little general is flappin' in the breeze! And you know what???

It's working!  He was peeing without any prompting from me (way cool) then I saw him sitting for a while with his GameBoy. Suddenly he leapt up and screamed "I POOPED IN THE POTTY, MOMMY! I DID IT!!"

OMG I flipped out! I think I scared the kid half to death with my screams of joy. Heh heh...but damn I am proud of him! I picked him up and spun him around in my arms. I also gave him a fun pack of M&Ms. He seems quite pleased with himself now.

Is it weird that I was tempted to take a photo of his poopie? Is it weird that I had a fleeting thought about bagging it for the baby keepsake box? Heh heh...

I ended up just conducting a poopie parade down the hall to the bathroom so that Tyler could do a ceremonial flush.

It's a good day.


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