I was recently introduced to the art of "tagging".  I've seen these cute graphics around for years that have people's names on them, but I never knew until about a week ago that they were called "tags". Often when you find someone who is into tags, they are also into other graphics hobbies like "dolls" and "blinkies".

I've always loved graphic design and I appreciate the work that goes into some of these tags. Some are quite elaborate! Thanks to the lovely people at The Tag Lounge, I am starting to snag some of these graphics to play with myself.

I tagged this one about five minutes ago:

Nothing too fancy. I know how to add glitter and flashy stuff, in theory, but I think it would be a little too time consuming. I'll just keep it simple, for now.

I did want to find a collection of adoption themed blinkies to add to my About Me section...and you know what? There just aren't very many of them out there! Since I am quite expert in taking the work of others and modifying it to suit my needs, I found some blinkies to rework. I think they turned out pretty well...check out my About Me section to see.

We are, indeed, waiting to adopt. I hope we get a call from our agency soon, but I know it could be a very long time.


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