Once again I can kill two birds with one stone this week. (Either someone is on a same wavelength or I should be yelling COPYCAT...) ;-)

This Week's Photo Scavenger Hunt (#25): Pets

Weekend Assignment #61: You Named Your Pet WHAT?!?

Ah pets... I think I've had more than my fair share of these cute and furry critters in my lifetime. Honestly, though? I don't think any of them had really unusual names. Here is the rundown:

It all began when I was an infant, barely able to sit up unassisted. My parents got me Snoopy the wonder pup. He was half Dachshund and half Beagle. Snoopy would bite and Snoopy lifted his leg and pee'd on me. Snoopy was out of our lives faster than you can say hot potato!

Then came Buffy the buff colored cocker spaniel. He was a real sweetie and we had him until he died at the age of 12 from throat cancer. Next was Benjamin the sheep dog hell spawn. I wrote about Ben a while ago. I can't find the entry. It's funny 'cause it's true.

Next came Did I write about Princess? I'm sure I did. She arrived a "Prince" until the vet informed us he was a SHE. Funny...none of us thought to check for her, er, equipment. We had just always had boy dogs until then. Princess was a stray that adopted us as her family. We're glad she did. Best dog EVER.

During those dog years, my brother and I also had an assortment of furry little creatures. I'll stick to talking about MINE. I had a white rabbit named Snowball and two gerbils named Bonnie and Clyde...then I later changed their names to Peanut Butter and Jelly.

When I moved out on my own, I got a trio of hamsters I called Spot, Clyde, and Fuzz (I really liked the name Clyde). Spot may be the most unusual name I ever chose for a pet. (You know...traditionally it's a Dog's name and you use it on dogs with SPOTS?)Spot was a two toned teddybear hamster and had a tiny black spot on each ear. Yeah, I know. Bit of a stretch. I can't believe I forgot about Fuzz! John reminded me so I had to come back and add her in here.

Later I added Annibel the hamster to the extensive Habitrail village that was being build along the wall of my apartment. She was so pretty...sort of a tortoise color assortment you usually only see in cats. Then came Bud. Bud was my brother's hamster and Bud was suffering from severe neglect (plus my brother had been talking about feeding him to his boa constrictor). When Bud arrived, I suddenly realized that all MY hamsters were girls. (What is it with me and failure to notice things like huge hairy testicles on the hindquarters of my pets?)

One of my hamsters lived for almost 5 years. VERY unusual for that type of animal. I was patiently waiting for all my little creatures to pass into the great beyond before I adopted the pet of my dreams. I'd always wanted a cat, but those were verboten in our household. My mother couldn't stand them and I'd had a severe childhood allergy to them. (Don't let anyone tell you allergy shots don't work. They sure did in MY case!)

Pictured: Fuzz the Hamster, Annibel the Hamster (with a walnut in her mouth), Sasha (the bag he is using for a pillow is the secret chocolate stash I have hidden under the kneehole of my desk), and Sheba.

I previously told the story of how Sasha and Sheba arrived in my life. I lost Sheba last October and it left a real void in the house. Sasha is still going strong at 15 years of age.

What kind of pet will arrive next? That I will leave up to Tyler...when he is ready.


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