I had a very upsetting phone call last night. My friend Pam (I've talked about her in this blog before...a while ago) phoned to tell me that her husband, David, had passed away.  I was stunned.  She is the same age as me. Who expects to be a widow at 39?? 

Granted, it was slightly more possible in her case since her husband was 57, but 57 isn't that old either.  Pam and David had been on a trial seperation for a year, but recently got back together to try and work things out (for the sake of their son). Their son is 8 years old and the sun rose and set with his daddy. It just breaks my heart thinking about Pam giving him this news today.

Then today I got word that my friend Beth's father has also passed away. Morris was a really sweet man. I am sure Beth is devistated. Her daughter's bat mitzvah is in June. It's so sad that Kira's grandpa won't be there now.

So now we are looking at 2 wakes and 2 funerals this week...one set in NJ and one set in VA. They overlap each other. John has suggested we attend the wake in NJ then leave immediately for VA for the other funeral. I really do want to be there for both friends. I've known Pam since I was in 3rd grade. Beth has been my friend since I moved to NJ in 1992. She and her husband came to our wedding.

I am frozen with shock...and I have nothing to wear. Why do I have to think about shopping and/or laundry at a time like this??


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