Yesterday my stomach was a bottomless pit. No matter how hard I tried, no matter what I ate, I was still hungry. I hope today is better.

So far, so good. But I did decide to give in to a major craving. I saw an ad for KFC's new boneless Buffalo wings, so I talked John into stopping there for lunch after we ran an errand. They looked soooo good!

So, today's outing consisted of a stop at the Post Office a couple towns over (the closest one that does passport form processing). We submitted all the paperwork to get a passport for Tyler. Not that we will be doing any international travel any time soon, but you never know. Then it was off to KFC for lunch.

The new boneless buffalo wings are good...but HOT. Not just the usual "tongue and lips on fire" hot, but a whole new class of "gums in flames" too. gums were stinging! Tasty! I think I can feel them burning a hole in my colon...

I had intended to bring my camera along today. But I, of course, forgot it in the rush to leave. At least I remember my purse this time. It would have been fun to get pics and video of  Tyler in the post office. He was so cute! He was asking loads of questions about everything and I think Sue, the woman who helped us, was quite taken with him. She gave Tyler a nice coloring book and crayons to take with him. Tyler also got to put all our out-going letters into the mail box.

One other item checked off the To Do list today was calling one of the local preschools to schedule a visit. Damn! I just realized I forgot to ask if it was OK to bring Tyler along. *sigh* I hate making phone calls. (See Kimmy! I finally did it!) Well...if it's not OK to bring Tyler for a visit, then I don't think this will be the school for us. So I'll look at it as their first test. The visit is on Thursday, so I'll post my observations later this week.

As for my musical selection this week (I change it every Monday and you won't hear it unless you bring up the journal main page in your browser and don't read through an alert link or through Bloglines or RSS feeds)'s Weird Al Yankovic's Amish Paradise. I felt like something funny. I was having a hard time deciding between this tune, Lunch Lady Land by Adam Sandler or I'm a Lumberjack from Monty Python. Oh, and I briefly considered They're Coming to Take Me Away also. We'll see...I might change the tune a few times this week rather than leave it the same.

My journal, my rules...right? LOL


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