The last thing I expected yesterday at dawn was a automated phone call from Tyler's school announcing a 2 hour delay. The forecast was for RAIN!

Rain, my ass! This video was from 6:30am. It was still snowing. An hour later I took Max outside to play in the snow (his first time), and it was still coming down. All told, I think we got about 7 or 8 inches.

Max in the snow. I don't think he likes it. ;-)

Honestly, I think he was just ready for a nap. We'll try again with the next snow storm. Tyler got to play in the snow when he got home from school yesterday, but this morning the snow is almost gone already. And it's raining. Oh well.


Two Write Hands said…
Snow? [insert pout here] You lucky duck!
jennifer said…
I'm with you Max. I'm with you.
Donna H said…
Wow! Snow...we are still mowing the lawn here. With 7-8 inches our school system would have been shut down for a week not just two hours:) I think all the snow removal equipment resides elsewhere, certainly not here.
My snow days are over. I prefer to drive elsewhere to see it;, look at it in YOUR photos; or have it fall for a bit and then melt and dry up before the muddy mess.
Yeah, I'm with Max on this one too.
BosieLadie said…
We had our first snow Monday, as well! That's the earliest I remember having snow here too.

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