I'm off to a Portal to Hell...er, um...the DMV

Time to renew my drivers license. Time to get a mug shot. Time to look like hell in yet another photo. Joy!

I know I have cosmetics somewhere in this house, darn it! I can't find any at the moment. I find myself debating with myself.

Self? Why put on makeup? You never wear any. You won't look like YOU in that photo, and you know it!

I know, I know. But shouldn't I try to put my best face forward?

Get serious. You've been sick for 2 weeks. The DMV patrons are lucky you even took the time to shower. Just look like you always do. Like a tired Mom of two boys.

Fine. FINE! I'm going.

As soon as I comb my hair. I can do that much at least. Wish me luck.

I'll be back later with videos of the HUGE snowstorm from yesterday.


Argin fargin DMV!!! Grrr! Apparently my vast collection of IDs and shite aren't good enough. They want a certified copy of my marriage license from Vital Records. Gah! Website says it will take 4 months. My drivers license expires the end of this month. Do duh math. I is screwed. I think it will be faster to renew my passport.

Off to ask my hubby to take a fugly passport photo...


Shari said…
ugh! You poor thing I hate the dmv!
So, what are you going to do, no licence, no driving sounds pretty much like a slice of heaven to me :-X

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