Blog Blahs

I spent some time tinkering with my blog template tonight. Yeah, it's easier to just use the canned template that Blogger provides...but it's so blah. I feel generic. I've been to a number of new Mommy Blogs in the last week or so and I have blog envy. Most of them have cool custom I made a small attempt to personalize my header.

I also updated my profile pic. It's a step in the right direction, but I'm still not satisfied. I need to jazz up the header some more. I think I'll go blog jogging again and look for more inspiration. Maybe being sick the last 2 weeks has just sucked all the creative energy right out of my body.


Laura said…
i like that view. is that really your neck of the woods?
i LOVE you and the boys in your profile.
i say rest, recuperate and the creativity will soon flow.
Donna said…
Wordpress blogs seem to be the most unique, individual ones. And I'd switch, but I don't want to lose people. My trouble is I'm lazy; it's just easier to leave things as they are than to change anything.
Astaryth said…
I start with the plainest template they have. That makes it simpler to 'upgrade'. I then change the size of the posting area/width of the blog (I like a little more room for posting my pics. Then I upload a different header, change the font/font color/header colors to match my header. I also change the background. Since I usually like a busy background, I then have to put a -different- lighter solid color under my post/sidebar. Viola! A custom blog that doesn't look like anyone else's AND it doesn't cost me anything other than an hour or so of work (which I usually spread out over a couple of days since I have a 'test' blog that I test stuff in before going live at my regular blog!

Want help? If I can help, just ask!
Two Write Hands said…
Your making some nice adjustments. I like what you've done so far. And no matter what the blog looks like, I'd wager most of us keep coming back just to read your entries!
Natalie said…
I have blog envy of you...I can't figure out how to change anything.
jennifer said…
And I'd wager that Two Write Hands is write. (Sorry, had to ...) We love Max and Ty. And you too. Don't matter what the outside looks like. Stopping by here is like going to a good friend's house for coffee.
Kind of random comment....I came across a blog of yours from 2004 about Mr.Ben Maxwell (MIA in maine), your English teacher. I assume it was the same one I was looking as your writing described my teacher! Anywho, found him in Maine and just got off the phone with him as I am planning a class reunion. I forwarded him your blog, thought he would appreciate it:)
Ben said…
Ben Maxwell here. I just sent you a message on here, but for some reason it is not listed yet - not sure how long it usually takes.

Would love to hear from you
Liz said…
Hi Becky! Just getting caught up with some of your recent posts...have I been that dang busy? Anyway...just wanted to let you know that I like what you've done with the header & all. A big thanks also, for the journal jar idea...will have to check it out!

~Aunt Nub~
Anonymous said…
Loved your comment on Dawn's blog about throwing up in your mouth a little...
I'll have to come back to read you later.
Unhinged said…


I guess enuff said, huh?

You are who you are to your friends (online or not), and that's that. I think after you get to know a person (online), you don't care about the fireworks. You just care about the soft mmcenter.

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