Poop and Barf and Snot...oh my!

Once again, everyone in the house is ill. Max is full of the snot and coughing. He's been that way for about 5 days now. I got the snot and coughing about 2 days ago. Tyler appears to have a stomach virus that has stuff shooting out both ends. John has mentioned a generalized feeling of malaise with a touch of nausea. It's a sicky party!

Anyone want the cooties? I am ready for them to leave us alone now.

In the meantime, John was nice enough to run out last night for some of my patented "cold cure". That would be Indian food. Mmmm! Nothing like a shot of chicken curry and veggie biryani to get the snot flowing and free up those nasal passages.

Ahhh! Much better. I just had leftovers for lunch.

Next up, sushi for dinner. Extra wasabi. That works nicely on those pesky nasal passages too.


Unhinged said…

Fuh Gawd sake, get BETTER.
Two Write Hands said…
Wasabi is a miracle drug. Who needs decongestant syrups that taste like rubbing alcohol? :) Get well!
Laura said…
ick, ick, ick!
i love you guys loads but you keep your cooties on your side of the country.
feel better!
poetmom said…
I feel for ya! Those are some not so fun times when everyone is sick at home. I do the very hot salsa when I need my nose to loosen up.:)
Hope everyone feels better soon.

Oh dear, everybody being sick at the same time is the pits, though I do like your remedies. Have you pattened them yet? Margo

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