Can you spray Febreze onto skin?

Unintentionally Funny -

"Mommy? My butt itches. Can I take a bath?"

"Uh, sure Tyler. I can't have you running around with an itchy butt."

Intentionally Funny -

"Mommy? Does your butt itch?"

"I don't think so. Why?"

"Because you really need a bath too." [said with saucy grin]

Honestly, I really could use a shower. They forgot to put a chapter in the Mommy Handbook about how we are supposed to squeeze an occasional shower or bath into our crazy daily schedule. Especially with a 13 month old running around with a raging bout of separation anxiety...because it's SO much fun showering while your toddler thrashes on the floor, screaming and crying to near puking levels of drama.

Totally off the topic - I got curious just now. I went to Amazon to see if there was such a thing as "The Mommy Handbook". There isn't, to my amazement. No one swipe my idea. I might just have to write it. There is a "Parents Handbook" but that's not the slant I would want to take. Maybe I'll do a Daddy's Handbook too. This could be fun.


Shari said…
That is too cute Tyler! Poor Max, Gianna is going through terrbile seperation issues. Anthony did too. Max is little enough, stick him in the shower with you, lol kill two birds with one stone.

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