RRPC: "Other Settings"

This weeks Round Robin Photo Challenge was thought up by yours truly, so of course I have to participate. The challenge is to use one of those funky settings on your camera that you've never tried. You might not even be sure what it does. Time to experiment!

OK. Now I know my camera has a "panoramic" setting on it, but I've never tried it. Since we are going to a local farm to pick pumpkins, I think today will be a good time to try it out.


Success! I think. I probably should have read the manual for my camera before we left, but oh well. I had a pretty good idea which little icon on the control dial was the "panoramic" one. Yay! I lined up my shot and took the first frame. The little LCD screen on the camera showed that shot with a funky arrow and a blank frame next to it. OK? Time for frame 2. I used the screen to line up my next shot, trying to marry the edges together and took the shot. Right! Uh oh. The camera was now on frame 3. Frame 3??? I was under the impression that a panoramic was only 2 frames.

Fine. I lined up the shot again and snapped frame 3. The camera asked for frame 4. Oh crap. Now I needed to swivel my body around a bit to rotate and get the next shot in frame. The camera asked for frame 5. I was starting to see a trend. When would it end?

On frame 26, I'd come full circle and was tired of the whole process. Then I noticed the tiny words under the frames..."Set?" Duh. I hit the "Set" button and finally the panoramic started over with frame 1; ready to go again. Whew! OK, I've got it now. I can take as long a panorama as I want to, even a full circle. Cool!

Too bad I'm not too familiar with Quicktime tools - I've seen those rotating panoramas before where you can take a 360 degree look around. That would have been cool. Maybe another time.

I took a few other panoramas and then moved the dial on to the next setting. I think it's a type of action setting. Very fast shutter speed so you can take several photos in a series. I never got the rhythm down, but I did channel my pal Karen and took some interesting shots out the car window on the way home.

First, the panoramas:

This is the first 3 frames of my 26 frame series.

This is a 3 frame one.

This one is 2 frames.

And finally, a 3 framer. I really like this one.

When I first installed the software for this camera, I vaguely recollect a special program with "auto-stitch" that puts the panoramas together. Uh, yuh. No dice. I couldn't find it. So I had to stitch the frames together manually. I've discovered that I make a horrible tripod. I had to do some creative editing to get things to line up. Can you find the seams? [Click the photos to see bigger versions over on my Flickr album.]

Next time I need to remember to bring my Joby.

Now for those "action" shots. Heh.

Cruising through the "German District" of Long Valley. Hmm. That looked clearer on my LCD display.

Interesting. I thought that house was neat.

Getting clearer. But what's with that wonky angle? I could correct that in photochop, but I think it lends interest.

You get the general idea. I need some practice taking photos out of a moving car, I guess. But it was fun to experiment today!

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Carly said…
Hi Becky

It was good to have you back playing along with the challenges! I really like your panoramic shots, my camera doesn't have that feature. :( This was a neat challenge, everyone displayed a lot of creativity. :) Hope you will join us again for the next challenge. Missing you.

Always, Carly
Those panorama ones came out great! I like that first "action" shot a lot, too. Funny how a moving car makes a house an action shot!

Thanks for the great topic! Now think of another one for us!

Nancy said…
Ooh..panorama...I like those! I've never used it, in fact don't even know if I HAVE it!
But you did great.

Thanks for a fab idea!

Astaryth said…
Take a look at your photo editing software. I use Photoshop Elements and it has a setting to help you stitch panaramas... I think PaintShopPro does too. I'll bet lots of others do to!

Good job on the putting them together yourself though!
MyMaracas said…
I love this! I don't have a panorama setting, but you can bet the next camera I get will. Too cool!

That Victorian house is exactly the kind I would love to have someday. I can see the Christmas tree now in that bay, and myself watching the world from my writing lair up there in the attic.

Super assignment -- thanks for the fun!

Anonymous said…
very cool panorama pics! I like them all, especially the one with the pumpkin....and interesting angles....lol netti
Anonymous said…
What a fun one! I completely forgot about the photo round robin and how much fun that was. I played with a new lens recently - would that count? With my business I'm always playing with the settings and of course lens. I like the bottom one the best but, all are cool. Maybe I'll go post my latest lens shot in my journal. Wheels are spinning. Anyway, rambling lady is saying good bye now. Thanks for sharing.


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