Pet Memorials

This morning, I received the sad news that my brother and sister-in-law's beloved dog had passed away. I just cried when I saw the email from my SIL. They love their two dogs like children and it broke my heart knowing how devastated they must be.

This afternoon and well into the evening I combed the internet looking for something to send them to show my sympathy. I already know they plan to have Memphis cremated this week. I thought perhaps an urn or a memorial plaque. I'm not sure if they plan to keep or scatter her ashes somewhere. At any rate, every thing I found just seemed cheezy, too cutsie or just plain weird...until I found these.

The idea of having a small amount of a beloved pet's ashes infused into a beautiful hand-made glass pendant to wear close to the heart (or they have a style with a stand for display)...I just thought it was a really cool idea.

Then I asked my husband's opinion. He thought it was creepy. [insert eye roll] In his defense, he has never had a close bond with any pet. He didn't grow up with animals in his home, the way my brother and I did. We always had a dog or two and various other small animals. I have always formed a very close bond with my pets. It still hurts my heart when I think about my beautiful Sheba being gone. I know my brother (and his wife too) feel the same way.

So what do you think of the pendant idea? Cool or creepy?


Astaryth said…
So Sorry to hear of your Brother and SIL's loss... it is sooo hard to lose one of the furkids. I always try to remember the Rainbow Bridge when they pass.
Unhinged said…
I love the pendant idea. But I'm female and I've lost a pet I loved very much. (I bawled just looking at the pendant site.)

Anonymous said…
I am sorry that your bro/sis-in-law lost their beloved pet. I am get really attached to my pets too. I loved the pendants they are beautiful.
kelly said…
I love it Becky. I lost a pet after 16 year's and I would of cherished something like that.
I'm sorry for your Brother and SIL's loss.
Dawn said…
We're actually going to have Sasha cremated when the time comes and keep her ashes in an urn. My sister says morbid but I think this way she's always with us! I like the pendant idea but I'm not big on jewelry and I loose my bling bling all the time. I could just see me taking the necklace off while I'm showering and it falling down the drain in the bathroom or something! Be kinda hard to explain to my landlord that the drain is clogged with Sashie ashes!
Donna H said…
What a wonderful idea. I may have to bookmark that site. Sorry for their loss.
Donna H
Sorry to hear they lost their beloved pet. :(

Wonderful idea too.


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Peternity said…
First of all, I'm so sorry for your loved ones' loss Becky. It really is hard. My heart breaks for them. It's hard to lose a family member, and that's what pets are. I say, whatever gets you through. The ash pendants aren't for everyone, but some of them are really beautiful. This jewelry is really cool It might be a nice option.

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