I've always loved Valentine's Day. I have fond memories of my early years in elementary school - bringing in a shoe box to decorate, complete with a slot on top. The big day would arrive and we would leave our boxes on top of our desks all day and cross our fingers. Hopefully, by the end of the day, your box would be crammed full. It was also fun to sneak around the class room and drop off my Peanuts, Holly Hobby or Barbie valentines in other kids' boxes.

Thank goodness for those Moms would would make their kids give everyone in the class a valentine. I used to feel horrible for the ones who didn't get very many.

I found a little widget on another blog that just tickled me. Wanna send me a Valentine? I won't see them until Valentine's Day. Go ahead. Click the box below. I love you too.

My Valentinr - yanagi
Get your own valentinr

Oh, and if you decide to put this in your blog, be sure and let me know. :-)


Anonymous said…
Okay, so how do I put this in my blog, lol! Then again I would be afraid too cuz what if I don't get any? Well, I suppose you would send me one right? ;)
Anonymous said…
We didn't do that over here for Valentines Day... no shoe boxes... shame really. Holly Hobby though, she was the coolest :o)
Sara xxx
A wonderful red heart for the whole family! Hope your day is wonderful, and blessed with the love that surrounds you all. With love, Margo
Liz said…
We did the same thing in Elementary School ~ my mom made such a beautiful box for me with doilies & everything ~ I remember well. I always made sure I gave everyone in class a Valentine, although I didn't get as many as others did. :::sigh::: do I put 1 of these things in my blog?

~~Aunt Nub~~

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