WeAss #201: TV Dinners

Weekend Assignment #201: To promote a new cooking show, a TV station is going to pay you $500 to eat the same basic meal every day for a week, prepared with only minor variations by their on-screen host. What's on the menu?

Extra credit: Do you tend to eat the same thing all the time anyway?

TV show dinners for a week? Hmm! I'm split on this one. I am always up for a good steak dinner, and there are certainly many ways to prepare beef. Right now a nice filet mignon wrapped in bacon and doused in a sherry mushroom cream sauce sounds heavenly. With some nice whipped potatoes with a touch of cheese in them, sprinkled lightly with bacon bits and a side of sauteed spinach with a hint of garlic. Maybe on another night a nice BBQ brisket with home style potato salad and a green salad on the side with loads of cucumber and ranch dressing. How about a t-bone marinated in Italian dressing and cooked on the grill, with grilled veggies like onion, bell pepper, asparagus and zucchini and twice baked potato on the side.

Are these variations too big? It's all a basic beef, potato, veggie variant, right? LOL

Second choice would be fresh fish all week (like salmon) with some kind of garden fresh veggie and some kind of flavored rice. I could have loads of fun with that one too.

As for the extra credit, yes. Yes we are indeed in a food rut. I tend to make the same handful of dishes again and again. Marinated chicken (I do have 3 favorite marinades that I rotate), baked fish, pork chops (sauteed or shake n bake), steak cooked under the broiler, hamburger helper (we go between cheese burger mac and stroganoff), franks n beans, and pasta. Add in an occasional supermarket rotisserie chicken or those Tyson sirloin beef tips in gravy over some egg noodles, and that about covers it.


I was thinking different kinds of steak would be in bounds, but not steak, pot roast, and cube steak. That kind of thing. But I cut a sentence limiting things that severely, so there you go. (Like it matters, anyway!) ;)

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