Puke Fest 2008: Update

Tyler seems to be doing much better today after throwing up through most of the night. Max only tossed his cookies twice, thank goodness, and his virus appears to have migrated to lower in his gut. He has the poopies like his Dad. It's an improvement. Anything is better than throw-up.

I was up all night coughing and I've managed to strain my ab muscles. Coughing is hella painful now. I got no sleep last night, but did manage to sneak in a brief nap this afternoon, between coughing fits.

John also seems much improved, so with any luck we are all turning a corner and will be well soon.

Change of topic - just to clarify my Racketeer post, Tyler does NOT get $5 a day. He get $5 a week, i.e. $1 a day. John just checks his wallet each night to see how much he spent. We monitor his funds carefully, not because we worry about people stealing from him, but because he is such a picky eater and it makes us happy when he buys a healthy snack at lunch time.

One thing that NJ has done right is to pass a law governing nutritional guidelines in public schools. They are very strict about the types of foods that are served/sold in the schools. We were all handed a copy of the guidelines at the start of school and told what kinds of foods we could and could not send in Tyler's lunch box. Things like: no soda, no candy, 100% juice, no tree nut products (there are kids in his school with life threatening allergies), yadda. The hot lunch served at school is nutritionally balanced (as is the cold lunch) and no junk food is sold anywhere in the school, at any school functions or served at classroom parties. Heck, we just got a notice sent home reminding us not to attach candy treats to valentines.

I must admit, I was a little annoyed at first with all the nutritional rules. But now I'm pleased. It sends a positive message to the kids and teaches them the RIGHT way to eat.

OK, I have potato soup on the stove waiting for my attention. I've been living on soup the last few days, I think the steam helps clear my head a bit.



I am glad the family is doing better. NJ has brains & balls CT doesn't yet around school food! Margo
Unhinged said…
I still can't even THINK about the word puke without my tummy roiling.

Glad you guys are better, though. T'aint NO fun to be sick.

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