Interesting Adoptee Story

John found an interesting article in USA Today about a Maine Senator who fought successfully to have a bill passed to unseal birth records in her home state. Once the bill passed, she was one of the first in line to request her original birth certificate (she was adopted). Armed with the names of her birth parents, she asked the Senator from their home area if he was familiar with the names. Turns out...they were his grand parents! The story takes an even more interesting twist after that. Check it out:

It's interesting to me how polarized the debate is on whether or not to grant access to previously sealed birth records. Many lawmakers claim they want to protect the privacy of the birth parents, while others state these "privacy" laws were originally enacted to protect the adoptive parents/child from unwanted contact (which is true - birth mothers in the 40s, 50s and 60s were never given any guarantee of privacy, only the adoptive families were.)

I just wish there was a more accurate representation in the media of how most reunions go down. You mostly hear the horror stories, when actually the statistics show most reunions have a positive outcome. Maybe then the lawmakers who are so entrenched in their belief that they are protecting the privacy of birth parents would wise up and see that most of us, adoptees and first parents, have the ability to act like adults. We can act like adults and accept the situation, how ever it plays out. Not everyone wants contact, on BOTH sides of the equation. We can all wear our big girl panties and accept life as it comes.

I'm lucky and happy that things worked out how I always wanted them to. I'm getting to know Liz and I finally have answers to all those little questions that plagued me my whole life. I'm sure she would say the same...she has answers now too. Where things go from here really doesn't matter. The end result remains the same. We had a successful reunion.


You're right -- we tend to hear only about the bad reunions, not the commonly good ones.

I think OBCs are an important issue. I also wonder if some of the "protection" is to avoid shining light on some unscrupulous agencies.
Laura said…
this story is amazing.
i find myself thinking more and more about this as daniel is putting 2 and 2 together as to where babies come from...i am sure the question about his beginnings are coming soon as he watches his neice or nephew grow in his sister's belly.
Unhinged said…
Yes, an interesting story. Life is full of odd coincidences.

I would've supported the bill, too, for exactly the reason you said: We can all wear our big girl (boy) panties and accept life as it comes.

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