Informal Survey - Cell Phones

So the husband comes home from Houston (not Dallas, as previously reported...apparently I *DID* hit my head when I fell) and tells me that I am being kicked off our family cell plan because he is being moved to a corporate plan. So now I need new cell services. The plus side is, for the first time in over 8 years I'll get a new cell phone.

So. I haven't looked at cell phones (except the iPhone) at ALL in many years. Nor have I researched plans/companies. So. Here are my questions:

  • What cell phone, plan and company do YOU have?
  • Do you like them?
  • Who would you vehemently say I need to stay away from?
  • Any thoughts of a cell phoney nature are greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Donna. W said…
We have only ever used T-mobile, because here in the boonies, they seem to have the best reception. They have the friendliest customer service people of any company I've ever dealt with. My daughter, who works in customer service herself, agrees with this... and she is hard to please!
Anonymous said…
I always liked Sprint. I don't have a cell phone anymore but I'd go back to them if I did.

That's assuming they get over thiss little tiff about me not being able to pay the bill when I came home and couldn't work...
jennifer said…
I started with Cingular because I'm not a big caller, and I liked the rollover. But when they switched to ATT, it seemed I couldn't even use the phone half the time because the service was down. And when I was able to use the phone, my call would get dropped. So I broke up with them.

I just started with Verizon and got a RAZR (in pink, of course). So far so good. And it helps that they have towers about every two feet around here.
Astaryth said…
I use Sprint. I didn't exactly -choose- them, it was more because the people who live out here said that they were the only cells that got any service at all ;p I've been happy enough with them. We only use the phone as a phone, so I don't have an internet plan on it, or text or anything like that. We've been pretty happy with them, and I like that I could get a plan that has all incoming calls free, and I pay an extra $5 so my free Nights start at 7pm.

As for phones... well, I was told that the model I got was the one that worked best out here (and one of the girls had been thru several models of phones AND had tried other companies, so I trusted her). It's a flip phone and works great for me. My only complaint is that you can't directly download the pictures if you take them to your computer. {{Shrug}}
Becky said…
I have Verizon family plan and it works for us. No matter where a kid might be I don't have to worry about them being out of area or long fact it works as a long-distance carrier without the extra charge also.

If you only need one for emergencies, I would suggest trac fone or the like. My mom has my old one and that's all she really needs. I buy her the yearly renewal card and she's set.
Anonymous said…
I have sprint, it is the only phone I have ever had (3 yrs). I am 99% happy with them. They do have lousy customer service but I haven't needed it but except when we switched plans and it took 3 months to get the bill right.
Our friends have t mobile. They have a cool plan where you get 5 people you can call for free, no matter how long you talk. We may go with them next time.
Good luck.
Anonymous said…
Wow! Maybe I need to ask a cell phone question to get some comments, haha. Or just have a cool blog like yours!
I have Alltel and have had no problems with coverage, dropped calls etc. I've had them for years. Mine is usually only phone getting a signal when we travel, which we do often. My kids have Verizon and my husband Cingular (work related). His has the worst coverage or maybe he just doesn't know how to work the thing. That is possible.
The Razr is a neat phone but they break easily. Mind did, my daughter's did and several friends. That may be why they have so many great deals on them now...or maybe they have improved them. Who knows. I have a Palm Treo. OMG, way more phone than I need but you'd love it. Phone, Internet, GPS, camera, etc. I bought it cuz everyone who had one loved it. I guess I love mine but the dial pad just isn't large enough anymore on anything for me:)
Anonymous said…
I just got the new Chocolate phone from Verizon wireless.
I love, love , love it.
The reception is great, plus I can use as an Ipod and download over 1,000 songs.
It comes in pretty colors too.
I got the black cherry, but had a hard time deciding between that and the ice blue.
It is so easdy to use as well..
now is a good time, they are on sale..
Shari said…
We used to have Verizon, I liked them but in our area it was near impossible to get signal with them.
We switched to AT&T. I like the roll over minutes, I have to admit even for as long as I am on my cell phone, which is near constant I never come close to using all my minutes. They are fair in cell service. The one thing I don't like is how much more they charge then Verizion on their text messaging services.
Chris said…
If you start looking at "smart phones" with email service, make sure you find out what the monthly data service charges are ahead of time.
Ally said…
i have a blackberry pearl with AT&T. i also pay $30 for data usage. however, it's that bad considering i can keep up with my email and i downloaded googlemaps to prevent me from getting lost (that much) which requires online service.

good luck on finding the right cell phone.
Anonymous said…
Oh WoW, I can imagine the answers you are going to get on this. I'm thinking every company is going to have negative comments.

For us it's Verizon who screwed over my son. He was deployed and they told him they would discontinue his service until he returned. Nope, they didn't. He couldn't call them - he had no phones available. So, through e-mail he asked me to take care of the matter as he was still getting bills.

I called, I even offered to pay the first month thinking maybe he didn't notify them of the deployment but, they wouldn't take my money! Said it had to come from him directly. WTF!

Finally got someone who said yes, he had called to tell them he was deployed but he would need to pay a $100.00 fine for late fees for the month I tried to pay. ::Sigh:: I again offered to pay as my son was going to be gone 9 months. Nope they wouldn't take it unless he authorized me giving them MY money! Again WTF!

Now he has a credit ding due to this whole mess. So, Verizon has lost me as a potential customer for life.

We've had cingular forever - it's now now switched over to AT&T. I've heard grumblings from some but, I haven't had any problems and they actually turned off my sons phone while he was deployed for two months.

Enough of my ramble.

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