Late Night Conversations

It's funny the stuff that pops into your head when you are on drugs and dreaming. I woke at midnight after dreaming about those cardboard records you used to get on the back of cereal boxes. Anyone remember those? You cut them out of the back of the box and popped them onto your turntable, and if the box wasn't too warped, you got a nifty Archies tune or something. I haven't thought about those in decades. I found John, still awake, out here in the family room and we had a nice conversation about those records. Then we talked about the B-52's new song...and the fact that they mention a Russ Meyer film from 1965; Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! John had no idea who Russ Meyer was. I only knew because of the tie in to an 80s heavy metal band called Faster Pussycat.

I'm so glad John is home. It's nice having a lively conversation with an actual adult for a change.

Speaking of John - he called the doctor's office yesterday and made me an appointment. I guess he got tired of listening to me groan in pain. I didn't see my regular doc and wasn't too thrilled with the one who saw me. No one gave me a gown. I sat in the exam room on a plastic chair while the doctor told me to lift my shirt. While she poked at the sore areas on my chest, she took a phone call in the exam room from lord knows who.

As she is talking on the phone, she tells me take down my pants so she can exam my injured knees. I was crying from the pain and she was only half paying attention to what I was telling her. She finally hung up the call and said, "You should have gone to the hospital right after your fall and had xrays done. Now I'm just going to have to send you there now." And that was it. I was dismissed. I had to stop her from walking out and asked her if the hospital would give me something for pain (since it was obvious she wasn't going to - even after commenting several times on how much pain I seemed to be in.)

Her reaction? "Oh? You want something for the pain?" DUH! Why would I drag my battered body all the way to Denville, screaming in pain every time we hit a pothole, just to be poked and told "go get xrays"?! She gave me a script for Tylenol with Codeine and that was it. I told John to skip the hospital. Xrays would be a waste of time. I know I didn't break anything.

The meds are helping a bit. Better than what I was taking before - regular Tylenol and Aleve. At least I was able to lay down and actually fall asleep. That was a big improvement.

As a side note... HEY BLOGGER! When are you going to fix spell check?! My spell check button hasn't worked in over a week! So, sorry for any spelling errors, folks.


Chris said…
At least the pain meds are working:)

I like the new B52's tune. I hope the rest of the CD is as good!
Anonymous said…
Glad to hear the pain meds are helping. Sorry your exam was so awful. It's hurried people like her who give medical professionals a bad name. That's one of the reasons I quit my job...tired of treating everyone like we were in some sort of a race.

SO,you KNOW you didn't break anything huh? No need for a knee brace or crutches? You are good Becky! No need for me to get a CAT scan or MRI when I can get a Becky;)

Don't know the B52's tune:(
Anonymous said…
How are you feeling now Becky? Hoping that things are starting to heal, despite the lack of medical attention! Shameful that was, pay attention to your patient woman!!!
Sara xxx

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