Virtual Reunion

I think Liz and I might have an internet first - the first ever adoption reunion in Second Life. She saw my blog entry about SL and sent me an email asking if I wanted to "meet in person" in world. So we did. And it was fun! We found a couple scenic locales and took some snapshots of this historic moment and we spent the rest of the time chatting, shopping and showing each other some favorite spots.

We eventually ended up in her virtual living room to chat and John popped in with his avatar, so she got to meet him as well.

Honestly, with all the horror stories you read about reunions, this has to be one of the most mellow situations ever. I enjoyed her company...added her to my friends list...and look forward to hanging out again soon.

There was also some talk about meeting up in person. Stay tuned for that.

Liz and I "meet" for the first time.


Anonymous said…
Not sure where to begin. I was behind on your blog so I had some catching up to do. First of all, I hope everyone is feeling better now. Those bugs can surely take their toll on a household. I am trying to get over a cold and hope I'm not coming down with something else two weeks before my vacation in Atlantis:)

Loved reading about the virtual meeting you had. I'd never heard that before. Leave it to Becky, haha!! I'm still trying to get the time and motivation to restart my blog and you are having virtual meetings.

I enjoyed Aruba. I expect you will too. Go snorkeling at Baby Beach (I think that's what it's called). I just wish I no longer equated Aruba with Natalie Holloway. Don't go over the Easter holiday or everything will be closed.

Cried when I read about your friend. So sorry for that loss in your life. It's little comfort, I am sure, but you were blessed with a kind of friendship some of us never get to experience.

Do these comment sections have a word limit? I think I may have excee :)
Wow, Becky, what a great idea-I bet you both enjoyed yourselves very much. I also think it's a very clever way to get together. Margo
Anonymous said…
Ok, I've done the SL before but my computer runs SO slowly there that it takes FOREVER just to walk across an area and then if there's too much crap there and pople, my computer freezes. It's only two years old and I have dsl. Any ideas? Am I doingsomething wrong with it?
Unhinged said…
Man, I didn't know WHAT you talking about until I got to the graphic.

I've never tried this. I can't because I know I'll become addicted and I'm already addicted to too much stuff.

This post was a cool concept, though. You're a pioneer, Becky!
Anonymous said…
interesting, I'm afraid if I were to try something like that you'd never get me away from the computer and I already spend more time than I'd like to admit.

I hope everyone is feeling better.

Laura said…
how cool is that! i can't wait to hear about the next meeting, maybe in person.
Anonymous said…
Meant to ask, which one are you?
freeepeace said…
Whoa. This totally trips me out. I am blown away by you folks who are able to negotiate your way around these places. Especially SL. I must have a very slow low-power computer because all I do is lag and crash when I'm in there - and not just when I'm flying. I see the potential in SL. But because of these tekky issues, I can't stay long enough to grasp it.

I love receiving the post cards though. :)

Which one are you? You're both adorable.

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