Well, I have good news to share (I think)! My hubby got a job offer this week that he accepted. Woohoo! It will be nice to have at least one income in the house again. I was really enjoying having him here at home all the time...I am going to miss him. It was nice having a full time parenting partner. Left me with loads of free time so I could get deep into my new online journaling hobby. I guess this new job is more bitter-sweet for me. Money=good Loneliness=bad
Since we have some money left over from his severance and the tax returns and are currently debt free (imagine that!?), we are going ahead with plans to remodel the downstairs. I am sure I will be posting progress shots of that little project in the near future. I hope to con him into getting rid of all the icky moss green carpet in the living & dining rooms and replacing it with hardwood or wood laminate flooring (moss green is a pretty color, but BAD idea with 2 cats and a's just gross now).

I'm a little depressed that we aren't relocating. I was really looking forward to moving someplace new. This is the longest I have ever lived in one place! Side effect of the Military's made me restless. I think it would be much easier to move now, before Tyler is old enough to miss friends or be uprooted from school. Maybe I can talk John into going further south, closer to the shore, in a year or so. He is most concerned about his frequent commutes into NYC. I can understand that. Maybe I should just get over this itchy twitchy feeling and settle in for a change; accept the fact that THIS is home...........naaaah!

In celebration of the new job and our last week of freedom, we are taking off to Niagara Falls for a few days. This will be a great photo safari for me! I haven't been someplace new and unique in quite a while. ( there is a casino there! Can I hear another WOOHOO?!) So if anyone has any recommendations on things to do in Niagara, let me know! And try not to miss my journal posts too much for the next few days. ;-) I have my mother-in-law coming to care for the plants and my pet sitter, Jenn, coming to care for the critters. I think all bases are covered. Now I just need to locate my swimsuit!!!

Parting Shot:

Isn't his facial expression priceless??? I discretely edited the photo to move the peepee guard to "cover" him. I have the original, un-doctored work to show his future girlfriends, however. [insert evil Mommy laugh] We are just starting the potty-training. He loves his Bob The Builder underoos...but he soaked all 3 pairs in under 2 hours. I need to stock up on more.


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