My hair is hanging in sweaty ringlets, my back is aching, my knees could give way at any moment, my sinuses are screaming in agony from inhaling weeks of accumulated dust bunnies...I could go on and on. I despise cleaning house!

What is even more pathetic than my current condition is...I don't have to be this way! My husband told me long ago I could call in reinforcements. Merry Maids! I have a coupon magnetized to my refrigerator. It's probably expired now. What is preventing me from taking advantage of this most generous offer? I can't get this freakin' house organized enough for a professional to get it cleaned!!! I have so much clutter! I need to have a yard sale, call the Salvation Army, call for a dumpster!

I recall the cleaners my Mother used to have come in once a week when I was a kid. She would have ME clean the house from top to bottom the day before their arrival. Why?!? "I can't let people see my house in this condition." Insane? Yes. Who ever heard of cleaning for the cleaning people? But she would sternly remind me that the cleaning people would not pick up things to clean under them. They would just go around them. Was she right? Am I doomed to repeat the same psychotic cycle? Do I really have too much "stuff" in the way?

Maybe I will just call Merry Maids next week and inquire. Maybe.


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