Funny what you remember at odd moments. I was reading another blog and as I was leaving a comment, I remembered having my first camera at my first "field day" in my first "public" elementary school... There were a lot of firsts that year. First year living in yet another new state (thanks to the U.S.A.F.), first year with glasses (thanks Mrs. Stidworthy for noticing I couldn't see the blackboard), and, yes, my first CAMERA! This was a huge big deal for me. The start of my borderline obsession with taking pictures of everything.

I got it for my birthday and I brought my new camera to school especially for Field Day that day. It was a Kodak Pocket Instamatic. It used 110mm size film - this weird narrow cartridge - and the flash was a four-sided cube that sat on top of this tall, black, stalk-like attachment. It was fixed focus and manual advance. I still have the photos from that day. Funny what you remember. It was also the first time I won a ribbon for anything...a pretty red second place ribbon for tug-a-war, and a bunch of white "participant" ribbons. No blue ribbons, but I was still pretty pleased with myself.

Weird things I took pictures of on that first roll of film:
1. My parents' console TV - off.
2. My Barbie dolls lined up in all their finery on the sofa.
3. My dog taking a pee on the deck (no no Buffy! no!)
4. Attempted to take pics of my favorite TV shows (in the hopes of claiming I met and got a picture of someone famous so I could brag to my friends)

Weird things my little brother took pictures of:
1. One of my Barbies, nude and headless, sitting on the coffee table
2. His hand.


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