*WARNING* This is a link for adults only - do not click if you are easily offended:

Make Your Own Dildo - Adult Sex Toy

A friend sent this too me. I supposed if you feel uncomfortable using one made from a mold of a famous porn star, or if your husband feels threatened by Ron Jeremy (and what man wouldn't)...this is the perfect solution.

A less obvious thought occurred to me, however. I think this kit could be a wonderful way to preserve your man in his "prime"...for those golden years. Ya know? When my husband is 80, I can whip it out and say "Hey Honey! Remember when..." It could come in handy. Or am I just crazy. Probably.

Oh! And since I mentioned Ron Jeremy, that brings to mind another favorite link (Thanks Joanne - I aced this quiz - what does that say about me???): Blogjam quiz: Saddam Hussein presents 'Despot or Sexpot?'


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