WeAss #204: My Favorite Year

My favorite year??? Wow. Maybe some people have a year that pops instantly to mind, but most years where the greatest events of my life happen; the worst events have also happened. For example:

  • The year I met John was also the year I dropped out of school and had some of the worst fights with my parents that I can recall.
  • The year we got married was also the year we lost John's sister to brain cancer and I'd lost my best friend not that long before.
  • The day we found out our portfolio had been selected and we were "expecting" our first child was also 9/11. Yes, THAT 9/11.
  • The fantastic year we spent traveling around the country as a family was also the year John was unemployed and we were eating away at our life's savings, trying not to panic.

I could keep going... The challenge was trying to find a year where the good stuff far outweighed the bad. So, I sat and tried to think. I went back through my blog to jog my memory. I walked away from this entry no less that 38 times because the boys needed something or I had to go do something.

So there is the REAL challenge. Finishing this entry/finding enough uninterrupted time to give my life some serious thought. Now, hours after starting this entry, I find I am too tired to find the answer. My brain, instead, offers this conclusion: Any year in which I continue to breath and my immediate family does the same is a good year. A favorite among those years would be the ones where we are also in good health, have enough money and manage to make memories some place fun with our boys. That'll do.


Donna H said…
Sounds like a great year to me!...the one where everyone is breathing, lol:)
Liz said…
Well then...so far this year has been a great one for you & your little family! Keep on breathin' baby!

~~Aunt Nub~~
I would have hoped that 2007 would break that pattern of ambivalence. No, huh? Well, then, here's to 2008 being a break year for you...I hope!
Kiva said…
I feel the same way... breathing is good.

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