Pop Unders and Proud Mama

I despise those little pop up ads that appear and then vanish under all your other open windows (aka pop-under). The biggest culprit seems to be Netflix...which is particularly annoying since I've been a customer of theirs for years. There should be a cookie or plugin that tells a company I am the WRONG TARGET AUDIENCE for a particular popup. I mean...duh! Go pop up on someone who doesn't already have your service or product.

Changing gears - I have been soooooo sick this week. On top of the sinus infection, I also caught Tyler's stomach virus. Ever cough so hard and then throw up simultaneously so that barf comes out your nose while you pee yourself and get a little anal leakage to boot? I can't recommend it.

I am starting to feel a tad better. I am sitting at my computer desk, so that's a good sign. In other news, John bought Tyler a new set of colored pencils today at the supermarket and, tonight, Tyler asked for some paper so he could draw us each a picture. When I saw his special picture to me, my heart hurt and I started to cry.

He has come so far this year in school. His drawings LOOK like what he means them to and his writing is amazing. I can read everything he writes! I think I'll scan in his picture and post it here:

This is Tyler and I under a poison apple tree (at night). Our cat is under the tree nibbling on apples which will, according to Tyler, permanently turn him a rainbow of colors. His picture for John shows the same tree (during the day) with Tyler, his dad and Leonardo (the ninja turtle) under the tree. On his dad's picture, he took the time to write out "poison apple" and "leonardo" so Dad could figure it out (Dad isn't as smart as Mommy, apparently). Heh.
To be fair, Max gave me a proud Mama moment today too. He let out a loud belch, adopted a look on his face that is a mirror of mine when I say excuse me, and patted himself on the chest (just like I do when I am less than ladylike.) Aww! It was like looking in a mirror! Too cute!!
I'll have to feed him some soda tomorrow and see if I can catch it in a movie. LOL!


Chris said…
Hope you feel better soon! Yucko. Schools around here have been closed yesterday and Monday cause of the flu:x
Donna H said…
Thanks for that visual, lol. Yes dear, I have been around long enough to have had a similar experience a time or two. Not pretty. I hope you are feeling better. I am trying to stay healthy for my trip. Maybe I need to stay of your page;)

I have a box load of drawings similar to yours (some 20 years old now). They will always bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your face. You got me on the burp though, lol!
Lori said…
Off topic, but needing to be said:

OMG! I like Piers Anthony, too!

Mainly the Incarnations of Immortality.
Anonymous said…
LOL, only you could make that discription sound funny though I know it was anything but.
Love the picture Tyler drew that is very special.
I hope you get Max on video, that has to be hillarious.
I hope you are feeling better soon and no one gets seconds.
Unhinged said…
Yeah, you know I horked like monkey at your quadruple play.

Cute drawing!
Anonymous said…
Heee, that's a fab picture :o) Kids are funny aren't they... poison apple tree... chuckles!

And well done Max on the buuurp!

Feel better.

Sara xxx
Oh, Lordy, what a totally miserable illness, described so well I had to laugh. Love Tyler's pictue-what a kid! Love, Margo

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