Bye Bye Babas!

With little fan fare, I decided yesterday would be the last day Max would get milk in a bottle. For a few months now, he has been down to one bottle when he woke up and one at night on his way to bed. During the day, he was using sippy cups. I knew he was ready, but that wasn't my worry. *I* wasn't ready to give up the bottles. It's nice sitting in my glider at night, feeding Max and rocking him into a more sleepy state. He's our last baby and I wasn't quite ready to let go of this "baby" phase.

First thing this morning I handed him a sippy full of milk. He looked at it for a moment, puzzled. Then he shrugged and started to drink. That was it.

*sniff* My baby!

I guess potty training comes next. But I won't have the same reluctance to give up diapers! No sir!


Lori said…
Each one of those milestones is bittersweet. A little bit of freedom and a little bit of leaving behind something that doesn't come back.
Donna H said…
Oh boy, I can relate to this one!Been there done that. Lori hit the nail on the head with her comment.
Chris said…
Those milestones are bittersweet, aren't they?
Shari said…
Awe, Way to go Max!!!
Becky you would be more reluctant to ditch the diapers if you used cutsie cloth diapers :beg:.

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