Snow Day!

Did I mention that we had a huge snow storm on Friday? No? Well, we did. They cancelled school too. That makes 2 long weekends for Tyler in a row. He's a pretty happy camper. What makes no sense to me is why they gave him just Monday and Tuesday off this week (and called it "Winter Break")...why not give them the whole week off? His entire school vacation schedule leaves me scratching my head. It makes it almost impossible to schedule a vacation during the school year.

The other thing that bugs me is how different Tyler's schedule is from his pal Maddie in Alabama. Top on our list of places to visit when it's NOT summer is Alabama and my friend Kim. When does the kids' schedules match up? Christmas and Thanksgiving Day. You all know what my family would do if I announced we were going on vacation over one of those two holidays. No? Use your imagination. Be sure to add in loads of guilt and mental torture.

So, here it is, Saturday morning and the house is QUIET. The cats are in heavenly bliss at my feet. I'm the only one home! The boys decided to go out to McDonald's for breakfast and let Mommy sleep in. Aww! But shhhh...Mommy isn't sleeping. Silly Mommy! Nope. She is at her computer uploading videos to YouTube. Like this one from yesterday (the snow):

I know. What was I thinking? I should just go back to bed now. After I email another video to the grandparents. My mom has been itching to see Max's reaction to the Valentine's gift she sent him. My mom loves these stuffed animals that talk/sing/do weird stuff. She is always sending them to the boys. I have to admit, I've captured some pretty hilarious reactions to these critters over the years. Most of them are in my video collection on YouTube.


Chris said…
No snow here....but the kids have been out since Wednesday. They closed schools because of the flu here in Knoxville. I don't know one single child that has the flu, they say it was because the high rate of teachers with the flu....hmmm I sense a conspiracy:)
Two Write Hands said…
At least when you get snow, YOU GET SNOW. :) We've had this piddly little couple of inches on the ground for a while. And it's just depressing. You can't make snowmen out of it, and you can't get out of work/school because of it.
Trish said…
Wow! I suddenly got CHILLED. I remember that kind of cold. Happy to not be in that right now. Fun to watch though. Thank you for that! :)

Your video is amazingly crisp and clear. How did you do that? What are you recording on?

I love to hear your voice. Sooooooooo cool.
Donna H said…
While you were enjoying more snow I was sipping tropical fruity drinks on the beach in the Bahamas. Did I miss the cold wet weather or the white stuff? Not a chance! If I want snow I just check out your YouTube photos:)

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