I am sooo frustrated! My parents have been bugging me for a while now to drive up there to spend a weekend at the Cape (that is Cape Cod, MA for those who are unfamiliar with the area). We have the perfect scenario worked out. John has a class up there he can go to so we can spend a couple days on the Cape and then Tyler and I can hang out for a couple days with his grandparents. Perfect, right?

No. My Dad has a work conflict. Now John is running out of vacation time for this year (we already have a trip planned in October and we want some days left for Christmas too). So the only thing we can do is limit this trip to JUST a weekend thing. Fine. So where shall we stay? My parents are insisting on this place:

Chatham Bars Inn, Grand Oceanfront Resort, Cape Cod

Would I like to stay there? Hell yes! If I were a Rockefeller or a Kennedy. The room rates at this place are outrageous!

So I go on a mission to find a "nice" place with a pool that we can afford. Our definition of "nice" and my parents definition are not in sync, apparently. All the places I suggest, they turn up their noses.

So...would I be out of line to give them an ultimatum? If they are so all fired to go to this place, how about they pay for both rooms and we pay for meals?

I am trying to work up the nerve to suggest it...

In the meantime...does anyone know of a nice place between NJ and MA to spend a weekend? LOL It has to be upscale to satisfy my mother's champagne tastes.

@@ (me rolling my eyes...)

Other places I would love to stay; in my dreams:

Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club, New England’s finest Cape Cod Hotel

Crowne Pointe Historic Inn, Provincetown, Cape Cod - they don't allow kids! Wicked...


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