I thought Tyler was downstairs playing his video game for a few minutes. I attempted to sneak one of my Godiva chocolates out of my secret stash and I heard a little voice behind me...
"Can I have one of those, Mommy?"
I gave him a piece of dark chocolate (thinking that would be the end of it...too rich for his taste). He LOVED it.
Now, every few minutes he is asking, "Can I have another one of your yummy chocolates, Mommy? You love to share with me...don't you Mommy? Can I have that square one? What is that white one? Can I try it?"
Grrr! and *sigh*
On the plus side, he did eat something ELSE new today. His first peanut butter sandwich. Hell...this was his first sandwich, period. I was so proud! But dammit! Why did he have to catch me with my Godivas!? LOL


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