I got to sleep late on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend (thanks Hun!) When I woke up yesterday I wandered out looking for the boys and heard voices coming from the kitchen, but I couldn't see anyone. Imagine my surprise when I came around the peninsula to see this little tableau on the kitchen floor:

John and Tyler made brownies together! And Jello! It was a really nice surprise and Tyler had a ball cooking with his Daddy. You can see John fishing egg shells out of the measuring cup full of eggs while Tyler moved on to mixing the chocolate.

Today we had another minor melt-down and crying jag on the way to camp. Tyler finally admitted that the main reason he doesn't want to go to camp is that he misses me too much. Aww! His teacher sat him down at a little table to start an art project, but he turned around to look for me and saw me headed out the door and wailed "Mommy, don't leave meeeeee!"

Ouch. Rips my heart out!

Stopped for gas on the way home. First place I saw was $2.39 a gallon. I decided to chance it and headed for a place closer to home. $2.35 a gallon. Ouch! It was $49 to fill up the van. I'm glad I don't drive very much. That's insane!

Later, I promised Tyler we would stop at the little country store that is on our way home to get an ice pop. He loves that little store. That should cheer him up from all the camp trauma.

I still haven't started reading my new Harry Potter book. I am prolonging the anticipation, I suppose. LOL


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