This has been a very strange day. Mixed bag, really.

1. Up before dawn with my brain in overdrive (as seen in previous post).

2. Scrambling to pack up Tyler's new back pack because today is his first day of CAMP.

3. OMG...I left Tyler with total strangers at CAMP.

4. The cat barfed a mixture of hairball and cat food on my friggin' KEYBOARD. Gross! Ewww! That was fun to clean up.

5. Tyler is out on his own at CAMP!

Ty looking a bit pensive and nervous as we walk into the main building at his new summer CAMP!

6. John took me out for a nice lunch after we dropped Tyler off at CAMP! It was a nice distraction since I started crying as soon Ty was out of sight following his new playmate Cosmo and his new teacher. Teacher seems very nice. Ty only clung on to Daddy for a few minutes before she was able to coax him into the other room to play.

Very nice pub. Great food. Nice distraction. OMG...Tyler isn't here. He is at CAMP!!

7. The house is too quiet. I am starting to cry again. I think this day has been way more traumatic for me than it will be for Tyler.

8. Thank goodness. It's time to go pick up Tyler from his first day at CAMP!!!


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