We heard from our adoption agency. Apparently, our portfolio has been shown to two perspective birth-mothers (and family members). While we were not chosen, our agency does ask everyone who looked at our portfolio for feedback. What did they like, what didn't they like, what was missing...that sort of thing.

Both groups said basically the same thing. They like our portfolio, but they think we need more photos of extended family; specifically group shots.

This has me baffled. Here is our portfolio (click on the pic for a larger view):

See, I have photos of the grandmothers, grandpa, aunts and uncles...but who cares how many cousins we have?? Do I even have "group photos" of family?

After some thought and some searching, I have come up with 3 possibilities. Our wedding, a family reunion and wedding we attended in Hawaii, and Tyler's baptism.

Here is the family reunion:

Um, yeah. I have a few blanks to fill in here. I have forgotten a few of the spouses' names. Sorry guys.

Here is Tyler's baptism:

And finally, Wedding Day:

What do you all think? If I fit these all on one supplemental page for our portfolio, do you think that will satisfy the lack of "group family photos"?


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