Rewind: 1975 Becky is sitting on her bed reading a book, minding her own business.


A look of alarm crosses my face as I race to the window to see what is making that horrible racket. Down on the driveway, I see a couple of my little brother's toys. One of them is smashed to bits. Movement out of the corner of my eye makes my head turn to the left just as something comes flying out of the house.


Another toy hits the pavement and disintegrates.

"Michael!!!!" I run into my brother's bedroom next door.

He has his window wide open and a collection of toys on his bed. One by one he rapidly flings them out the window and watches them fall to their doom. Only his Tonka dump truck and another vehicle called a Pounder truck survive...a testament to their respective manufacturers.

Fast Forward: 2007 Becky is sitting at her desk quietly typing an email, minding her own business


"Max!!!!" A small figure standing on Tyler's low computer table turns away from the railing to grin at me.

He has a collection of toys on the table next to Tyler's monitor and is flinging them through the railing into the living room below.

I smack my hand to my forehead and massage the sore spot between my eyes.

I can't wait to tell this little incident to Uncle Mike at Christmas.

Ho Ho Ho, y'all.


Emily Suess said…
How adorable is that!! :)
Anonymous said…
LOL ... all in the family?!?


PS - I drove past TJ Maxx today and what did I think about? The entry you did recently. I at least got a chuckle out of it.
BosieLadie said…
He's getting so big! How adorable is he?!!
Donna. W said…
What a great picture! That would almost get Scrooge in the Christmas spirit!
Anonymous said…
Awwww! Too cute. And yes, the TJ Maxx comment and claw machines, they all have me thinking of YOU:)
Anonymous said…
Little terror ;o)
Max has grooown such alot, bless him! A handsome terror!
Sara x
Shari said…
OMGosh! I want to eat those cheeks up!!!
He is a true little munchkin!

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