What's that word my dad always loved to use? Oh yes...this season it's been one boondoggle after another.

1. Oh how I tried to get a photo of my two boys together and smiling. Who knew it would be an impossible task and I would need professional help?! I just wish the opportunity to have the family photos done had arrived SOONER. Because...

2. The portrait I selected for our Christmas card took SO long to get here that the place where I normally get my cards done wouldn't be able to send them before Christmas. So I shopped around. That took HOURS of research. Finally found that my local CVS could have them done in 2-4 days (according to the website) and I could just pick them up at my local store. Perfect! Just one problem. Today is day 4 after I sent in my order and what do I get in my email? A shipping notification. Yep. My card are done and it will now take 2-4 business days for them to SHIP to my local store. Grrr! So I guess I am sending New Year's cards this year.

3. I finally got a call back from my mother with gift ideas. The idea for my dad was primo! I hopped right on to Amazon and ordered it. The item was in-stock and would arrive (according to the website) 2 days before we headed up to my parent's house for Christmas. Groovy! A few days later I got another one of those craptastic "shipping notifications" that said the estimated arrival date of my package was 2 days AFTER we leave. Swell. No clue what I'm going to do now.

4. My mother's idea for herself? Same as last year. Buy a few more dishes from her kitchen china pattern. Uh, yeah. There's just one problem. Those dishes were discontinued 2 YEARS AGO. Mom says, "But you were able to find some last year!" Sure. After I spent a week calling every freakin' store in the states of PA, NJ, and CT. I lucked out and found one store that still had some stuck in a storage room and basically bought everything they had. No such luck this year. I did manage to find a lady in Canada who had one bowl on Ebay. I won the auction, but there is no way it will arrive before Christmas. *sigh*

5. I spaced. The boys didn't get to visit Santa yet this year. Where is my mind at??? Maybe I can make a mall run sometime this week when Tyler gets home from school.

6. It's been a few years since we've celebrated Christmas morning any place other than our own home. How the heck are we going to transport all these gifts in the same van with the boys??? Good gravy. That also means I need to wrap everything before we leave. Yikes!

7. I hope to heck I have some Christmas wrapping paper left from last year. Yep. I didn't buy any this year. I miss the cool catalog I used to get from Ty's preschool. Gotta love those fund raisers.

John just walked in with a stack of boxes from the postal lady. Cross fingers that the stupid Amazon shipping notification lied and one of these boxes is my Dad's gift. Oh pretty please...

Edited later: YES!! Amazon rules! One of the boxes was my Dad's gift. Whew. One less stressor.


Emily Suess said…
Don't forget to breathe! You'll need to remember that if you're going to make it past the Christmas chaos. Too bad Santa doesn't make house calls anymore until the 25th, huh? ;)
Liz said…
Yepp~o...just 15 minutes (possibly less, depending on traffic over the Tappan Zee Bridge) from Aunt Nub's house is that HUGE mall known as the Palisades Center! It's chaos though...even in the middle of a workday! Shouldn't these people be at work? Wait...shouldn't I have been at work? Ooops!

And Santa is still there. Come visit Santa ::and:: Aunt Nub!
BosieLadie said…
I'm hoping it all works out, Santa will find his way to you and your boys, no matter where you are.

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