Hello Kitty! Come and Eat ME!

We have a new furry friend. He and his mate have been visiting us just about every day out on the back deck. Sparty, however, does NOT want to be friends.

Can't say I blame him. I swear that squirrelly couple do everything in their power to drive Sparts to the brink of madness. Poor cat has been trying to claw his way through the back door. Since he has no claws in his front feet, I just hear his little toe pads rubbing the glass with a squork squork squork sound that has me practically rolling on the ground with laughter.

I watch as one of the furry fellas comes up about a foot away from the glass, turns his back to the cat and flaps his tail up and down, side to side. I can vividly imagine a sort of Alvin the Chipmunk voice taunting, "Here, kitty kitty! Don't I look taaaaaasty?"

I better get some more nuts at the store. I just threw my last handful out there. Ahem. Yes, I have been encouraging them to come back. I'm a baaaaaaad kitty momma.


Donna. W said…
Shame on you! Poor kitty. LOL.
Anonymous said…
Heee, that's funny :o) Spud gets like that over buses, but I doubt I'll have any in my garden to tease him with anytime soon!
Aww, squirlies :o)
Sara xxx
Chris said…
Our "not our dog" and our chinchilla seem to have a very shaky truce. If we weren't there, I'm sure she would eat that furry critter!

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! & Fabulous Festivus;)

Anonymous said…
OMG! You are driving your poor kitty crazy:) Here I am buying fox urine crystals to deter the little critters as my three dogs and cats WILL get them and you, my friend, ARE BUYING NUTS! I guess you can make a case for both sides, haha!
Merry Christmas!
Donna H
Anonymous said…
LOL, you are a baaaaad kitty mom!

We HAD two squirrels who would tease our dog horribly. you could just hear them "neener neener, you can't get me" and off they'd bolt up the tree.

Unfortunately my dog was faster than they realized and he was bring me a dead squirrel! UGH - double UGH!
Anonymous said…
BTW the last anonymous comment was from me, Monica.

Sigh I hate being anonymous!
Liz said…
ROFL ~ what a naughty kitty momma you are! This reminds me, though...need to put up a new thing of suet on the back deck for the birdies so Stella can continue having her "floor show." Yes, I too, am a bad kitty momma. HeeHeeHee

~~Aunt Nub~~
IndigoSunMoon said…
I just loved this entry! We have a pair of squirrels that eat out of a feeder that I have on a tree branch. They sneak down the tree very quietly, but sometimes one of the dogs will see them, and then they all go crazy running after them...watching them jump from tree to tree. My crazy dog Bella was looking up in the trees chasing the squirrels, and she ran smack dab right into my car! LOL
Happy Holidays to you and yours!
Anonymous said…
Just stopping by to wish you, John, Tyler and Max a fabby Christmas m'dear. Have a good'n :o)
Sara x

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