Happy New Year!

We have a sort of New Year's Eve tradition. When we have nothing else planned (which is almost every year), I make up a bunch of tasty appetizers, we watch Dick Clark and toast the new year with sparkling cider or grape juice. Sometimes, on rare occasions, we actually have some champagne on hand. This year I think I'll pop open the bottle of bubbly John got last year as a Christmas gift. I hope it's still good. I have no clue how long champagne stays "good" in the fridge.

This year's treats will include pigs in a blanket and mini quiche. John couldn't find the Greek spinach thingies in filo dough (spanikopita). Love that stuff. I also forgot to order my other fav New Year's Eve treat...seafood chowder from Legal Seafoods. I plan to order some as soon as I post this entry. I'll eat it later this week. What can I say...I'm giving in to my craving. :-)

It also looks like we'll be getting some snow tonight. What do your plans look like for New Year's?


Anonymous said…
Here's to a healthy Happy New Year!

Anonymous said…
Looks like I'll be heading over to your place for some treats and stale bubbly:)I have no idea what the shelf life is for champagne either. We actually have two parties we were invited to but we will stay home instead and probably sleep our way into the New Year, lol! I've never been a big fan of drunks on the road New Years Eve, having spent my time working in the ER in the past. So now I am happy to just ring in the New Year in my pjs praying that my children, who are out partying, return to their respective homes safely. Besides, I slipped and fell on wet tile so now I am nursing a bum knee...another good reason to stay home:)
Happy New Year!
Anonymous said…
cool new look

Anonymous said…
Have a wonderful new year and be sure to check out my newest post! I have mentioned you! ~G
Liz said…
Kinda sounds like what Skip & I do on New Year's Eve...but we opened a bottle of wine instead. It's too dang sad to watch Dick Clark though, since his stroke a few years back. Not the eternal young man anymore I guess. ::sigh::

Happy New Year to you, John, Ty & Max!

~~Aunt Nub~~
Unhinged said…
Wow, that sounds like JUST the ticket because all I wanted to do this year was hide under my bed covers and watch a good movie. Which is what I did, more or less.
Ours was much the same, minus the champagne. And we saw no sign of Mr. Clark. They shortchange us on the New Year's even coverage in the Mountain Time Zone

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