It's coming! Run for your...supermarkets!

SNOW! Good grief, from the news you'd think the Storm of the Century was about to hit. The predictions start at 6 inches. Yowza! Anywho...John made the mandatory panic trip to the supermarket so we could stock up (him and 500 other people he fought through to get to the checkout). "We could be snow bound for days!" OK, hun. What ever you say. I just want the phone to ring at 5:30am again (darn that school emergency auto-phone-tree) so we can all sleep in.

In other news...I had an experience today that I've heard about from other mothers and always dreaded. Max removed his poo filled diaper and created a scene of poopie carnage right in the middle of my new rug. Of course it had to be the new rug. I had flashbacks to when Ty was this age and the moms in my mother's group would joke about using duct tape to prevent their little ones from doing this horrific act. Some really DID use duct tape. I just kept Ty perpetually in onsies so he couldn't get at the diaper tabs.

You'd think I would have learned my lesson. But no. Max had on a onsie, but I'd left it unsnapped at the crotch because his inner thighs looked a bit chaffed. Oye that little stinker! If I hadn't snapped and blown a Mommy gasket, maybe it would have occurred to me to snap photos like another Mommy blogger I currently read (she always seems to remember to take photos of the poop oopses).

Back to the snow for a moment...

I won't panic over a measly 6 inches of snow. Oh no. The snow accumulation has to look like THIS before I will panic:

This is me and my little brother after the blizzard of 1978 (Bedford, Massachusetts) See our mailbox down there on the lower left? We are sitting at least 4 feet above that 4 foot tall mailbox post.

Now people, that THERE is some snow! Am I right? ;-)


Donna. W said…
Cracks me up how people do the panic-shopping thing. I never had trouble with my babies spreading poop around, because back in the old days we used REAL diapers (cloth) and they were securely pinned.
Astaryth said…
My son never did the 'spread the poo' thing, and I think I was just lucky LOL! We never did anything special to keep him -from- doing it, so I'm just going to breathe a sigh of relief. Since J is now 31 I think I can be pretty safe in saying I won't have to worry about it in the future either ;p

I don't usually do the 'panic shopping' thing. During Hurricane season (and most of the rest of the time) we try to keep enough food around for a few days and we have an outdoor storage where we keep an extra case of soda and a case of water all of the time. My problem is I don't always have -time- to 'panic shop'. The animal areas and other things have to be secured and we have to gear up otherwise, so shopping is secondary. Not that I'm complaining mind you. I don't -want- to face those crowds fighting over the last of things at the grocery LOL!
Liz said…
{{{Becky}}} I'm counting my blessings about the toddler poop! What did you end up doing with the new rug that he christened?

As for the snow...dang, I remember that blizzard of '78 sooooo well...that was snow to remember! Doesn't make this snowstorm any better though, but that's just my own crazy, messed up head. I refuse to do the "end of the world" shopping though ~ there's just something wrong with that.

Still trying to figure out where/how you upgraded your blogspot template ~ can't find it anywhere. Am I that idiotic? Sheesh!

~~Aunt Nub~~
Don't panic shop! Look at it as a possible opportunity to be forced to lose weight! Harhar!

Poop photos are the BEST! ;-)
PS: That was NOT a crack at you, btw! I just re-read it and it seemed like it was, so I wanted to clarify.

Argh, I'm an idiot sometimes.
Anonymous said…
I was lucky, the only time I caught J playing with poop was in the paddling pool :o)

Panic buying... My Great Aunt and Uncle used to have a whole freezer full of "just in case" food! Mind you, they did live on a farm and would get snowed in every other year :o)

Sara xxx

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