Creative Gift Giving...

Ha! I can't remember buying so many gift cards and certificates in one year before. It's going to be REALLY dull Christmas morning when everyone ooo's and ahhh's over their little envelopes. *yawn* But no one would give me any ideas this year! And I couldn't think of anything they might need on my own. Oh well. At least it's not cash. I am forcing them to go shopping in a store they love.

Honestly? All I really want for Christmas are lots of THESE:

Seriously! I am saving up for a new camera. Plus I get points on my Amazon credit card when I buy all my stuff there which earns me MORE Amazon gift certificates.

You can buy ANYTHING at Amazon. I'm not joking. I just bought baby socks, an electric shaver, christmas cookies, a Terry's chocolate orange, and new towels for the bathroom. Plus lots of other stuff that escapes me at the moment.

So see? An Amazon gift card is the perfect gift. (Kim, I hope you like yours when it arrives. LOL!)


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