As a Mom, I don't seem to do much that impresses my jaded kindergartner. Today, however, my street cred went up several points in his estimation. I volunteered to work at the annual Holiday Boutique and Craft/Vendor Fair at Tyler's school. I was put right to work as the lady who takes the money for the Holiday Boutique. Daddy brought the boys down to check out the trinkets for sale. Ty's eyebrows shot up when he came to pay for his toys. Mommy was the "banker"! (He loves to play Life with his Dad.)

Later, after I got home, Tyler came over to me and whispered; "Mommy? Since you take care of all that money, can I get mine back for the clock I bought?" What a scam artist! I told him the money we raised was for projects at his school, so nope. No freebies! He told me he was proud of me and that my job was "cool". Heh.

Then it was time to get ready to par-tay! I had 18 treat boxes shaped like a slice of birthday cake to assemble and fill (Tyler decorated them with Pokemon stickers). And off to Time In we went for Tyler's 6th birthday celebration. Ty invited his entire class plus his best pal from pre-school and we had a very good turnout. Photo and video montage below...


Anonymous said…
Very cute. Look's like Tyler had a great party.
Happy birthday 6th Tyler!!!
Liz said…
Happy 6th birthday, Tyler! Looks like everyone had a great time ~ & I love the goodie boxes!!!!

~~Aunt Nub~~
Anonymous said…
What a FUN birthday party and Tyler's smile speaks volumes plus it's very infectious.


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