Woo hoo! I just finished my Christmas shopping. Have I mentioned lately how much I lurve the internets? OK, so this years' gifts lack imagination. What can I say? Almost everyone asked for gift cards. Except my Dad. He will have an actual gift to open.

Speaking of gift cards... Tyler got quite a few from Toys R Us for his birthday (thanks everyone who gave him one!). When we realized how much they all added up to, it was a no-brainer deciding what to buy with them. John bought Ty a Nintendo DS a couple years ago when we were away on vacation. Since that time, that old DS has taken a serious beating. I can't tell you how many times it has been dropped, thrown, and/or punched (Ty is a sore loser). It was being held together with two plastic loop ties and looking pretty sad. So Ty got a shiny new DS Lite in red and black. And John promptly took it away from him this morning when he saw Tyler lose his temper and punch the screen. We are working on that with him.

No one is going to want to play with him if he keeps acting that way.


Shari said…
I wish I was DONE! Still so much to do here, but hey if you're all free wanna help ;)
The pics are great of the vacation! And the boys as always are too cute for words!
Nettie said…
we haven't seen you on toontown, must be all the shopping! we've gone through a few gameboys here...not temper breakage, rather doggie breakage! lol
Anonymous said…
I'm done too, yay us! Now I have only the sorry task of wrapping everything. Sigh ;o)

Glad you all had fun at Great Wold Lodge :o)

Sara xxx
Laura said…
i'm almost done too but frankly the way i am feeling today i might ask bill to shop for his own friggin' family.
so now tyler and danile have the same nintendo ds...that's right we have poop in the potty! daniel calls it his spider man nintendo and yes, he too gets frustrated sometimes with his game. he yells at his and sometimes repeates words he hears mommy say. then mommy is in trouble.
let me know what you do to help tyler. i'll give it a try on daniel and mommy.

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