You Should be Dancin'! Yeah!

I just got a new toy today.
How cool is that?! Naturally I had to take it right out of the box, dock my iPod and tune into my fav soft rock station. It's been sooooo long since I had an easily accessible and working boombox.
So here I am, groov'in and rockin' to some great music, when one of my all time favorite Bee Gees songs comes on...ya know, from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.
Naturally I have to jump up and execute my best John Travolta moves.
Tyler: "Mommy? What the heck are you doing?"
Me: "Disco dancing, baby!"
Tyler: "Well... you look like a crazy person."
Me: "Thanks! Dance with me!"
Tyler: Long hesitation as he studies me. "I think you're gonna hurt yourself."
Feh. The kid has no appreciation for the classics. But ow. I think I hurt my hip...


Laura said…
oooooo!!!!! that is purty! we will need to get us one of those too!
Unhinged said…
Show off.

I dare you to show Tyler the Egyptian Chicken.
Anonymous said…
LOL Tyler sounds like my grandaughter. Cool boom box and I love that song too.
Oh, I am roaring. Kids have no clue about our pasts, do they? I'm jealous-the boombox looks great! Margo
Anonymous said…
Kids do say the funniest things. Thanks for the visual...I am still laughing.
Donna H:)

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