Family Fun Day

We avoided "Black Friday" like the plague and took the boys to the Crayola Factory instead. It's nice when the whole family does something together. Not too exciting, but a sweet video about our day:

So, did you brave the Mongol Hoards and go shopping today? Get any good deals?


Chris said…
Nope, we stayed home, except for a run to the seafood market to get king crab and oysters for our oldest boy's 19 y/o birthday dinner (his request).

Glad you guys had a great family day too!
Anonymous said…
They are so the curls.
yes, I went shopping around 3p.m.
It was not bad at all. I was really shocked.
Liz said…
What a cute video!

As for the shopping, nope...didn't do any shopping...but had our store open for 1/2 a day & it was pretty busy. That was enough for me!

~Aunt Nub~
Anonymous said…
Adorable video...especially the end:)
I never do black friday. I refuse to get caught up in that craziness. However, I am DONE with my shopping, decorating, and wrapping! Did most of the shopping online. Now if I can just get to my Christmas cards I will be breaking my all-time record.

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