Stubborn? He learned from the best...

Max! Lunch time! Look what Mommy made for you (from Taco Bell). Mmm! Soft taco! All cut up in nice bite size bits. Yummo! Here you go. Try it! [try to put morsel in child's mouth]

Max: Uhhh! [turns his face away]

Come on sweetie. Here, you feed yourself. [place plate in front of child]

Max: Uhhhhhh! [pushes plate away forcefully and shakes head]

Awww's really good! Just taste it for Mommy... [try again to get morsel into child's mouth]

Max: UHHHHHH! [grabs bite from my hand and throws it on the floor]

Fine. I know you are hungry. I'll put this plate on the table and you just go eat it when you are ready. Mommy is going to eat HER taco now (and her burrito too).

Max: Uhhh? [climbs up onto sofa beside mommy and reaches for her taco]

Honey, this is Mommy's. Yours is over there on the table. It's the same thing. Honest.

Max: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! [mouth wide open, reaching for my taco]

Alright already! Here, have a bite. OK. Have another bite. More? You like Mommy's taco, eh? You know it tastes the same as Max's, right? Fine. You eat Mommy's. I'm going to eat Max's. [nibbles on tiny taco tidbits and sighs]

p.s. Thanks to my darling husband, I got my driver's license renewed yesterday (and the chance to stop at Taco Bell on the way home). He did some research and found that we could go to the court house or municipal office in the jurisdiction where we got married to get a copy of our marriage license. So he went to Montville and they gave him a copy right on the spot (for a fee). Yay! I don't know what we would have done if I had to wait 4 months for a copy from the state department of vital statistics.

And my photo didn't turn out too badly. I look like I typically look on an average day when I get the chance to shower, comb my hair and put on street clothes. :-) OK, so that doesn't happen all that often.


Anonymous said…
are you trying to find Mr maxwell, still?????

if you are please call me(joe) at 781-910-8785
Chris said…
Sometimes Trevor doesn't want to eat what or when we are eating. I tell him that is fine, he doesn't have to eat, but he does have to sit with us at the table until we are done eating. It's amazing how often he quickly decides he is hungry once he is sitting there watching us eat;)

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