Shopping Karma

Every once in a while the universe sends me a message. The latest was, "You are meant to have this rug." How was the message delivered? Oh, it was OBVIOUS! You be the judge...

Frequently my family room carpet will catch my eye and make me cringe. White berber...what the hell was I thinking?! So yeah, it looks pretty bad. Every time I "see" the carpet (when I'm not too busy ignoring it), I get the urge to shop for a nice rug to cover it up. [It would be a major pain to replace the carpeting in here, so camouflage is the only option.]

So I window shop. I've been looking for just the right size, pattern, colors, etc. for over a year now. A couple months ago I found THE rug. It was GORGEOUS! Turkish... wool... expensive... totally unaffordable. Then it went on sale. Even at $800, it was out of our reach.

Oh how I wanted this rug. Do any of you know how hard it is to match a plaid sofa???

Then a couple weeks ago I got an email from one of my favorite internet bulk bargain websites. They had just acquired close-out stock from a major carpet retailer and it was all on sale. Right. Like I was going to find a rug for this room in some internet bulk bin...but I went to look.

There it was! THE rug. Turkish... wool... gorgeous... and under $200!! Holy crap! I put it in my shopping cart on the website. I agonized over it for a few hours. I watched the ticker on the site steadly go down. "35 left in stock." "23 left in stock." "16 left in stock." "Hurry, only 7 left in stock." Eeeeeeeeee! Then my husband walked in with good news. Something about sales numbers and commissions and blah blah blah he'd be getting a good pay check this month. What, what, what??!

I hit CHECKOUT and bought the rug...with only 1 left in stock. MINE!!!

New Rug
I unveiled it today. ~Squeeeeeeee!~ It's perfect! Max loves it too. He's spent ages today just running, spinning, and rolling on it. Hee hee! See? The universe really likes me.


Anonymous said…
Cool rug!

Link me to the internet bargain bin rug finder, I now have lots and lots of hardwood floors to warm up. :)
Donna. W said…
Some things are just meant to be. Why fight it?
Astaryth said…
Don't you just love it when the universe is in harmony and things just go your way?? Love the rug!
Anonymous said…
Ohhhh beautiful !!!!
Good for you.
I love bargain's as well.
Nancy said…
What a beauty!

Cute entry...

Laura said…
that woul;d look perfect in MY sitting room!
gorgeous find.
Liz said…
I love it! Do they have all sorts of rugs or just this style? Let us know how to get to this place!

Looks like Max is having a great ol' time with it, too!

By the way, did Ty go trick or treating? What was he? Or did I miss that?

~Aunt Nub~
Anonymous said…
that's beautiful! and great story....yup the messages rang loud and the rug buy the rug...i heard it all the way from here...heehee netti

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