Time Warp

I'm in the mood to blog, but I don't really have anything pressing (or even interesting) to talk about. What's a gal to do? I know! I'll dig through my collection of old photographs...

There's me in July, November and December of 1966.
I love looking at old Christmas photos. It's fun to see what I got for Christmas that year. I love the rocking horse with the girly pink saddle. I had that Raggedy Ann doll for many years. I wonder what ever happened to her.
Oh! Here's a thought... November is National Adoption Month. I might as well mention that I am searching for my birth mother. I was born "Baby Girl Dorland" in March of 1966 at Stormont Vail Hospital in Topeka Kansas. If anyone out there knows the Dorland family of North Eastern Kansas, pass on my info. I'd love to be in touch with anyone who knew my birth family.


poetmom said…
Well weren't you a cutey patooty! I love going thru old pictures also. Good luck in searching for your birth mother. I hope you find her soon.:)

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