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I've always considered myself an optimist with pessimistic leanings. Most days the glass is half-full, but there are those times when I see half-empty instead - not to mention the times when some schmuck stole my soda or perhaps laced it with strychnine. (What? You aren't paranoid if people really ARE out to get you.)

Today it occurred to me that I really am a full blooded optimist. How do I know for sure? Easy. I am still playing the lottery AND I still think I have a shot at one of those jackpots on

See? Eternal optimist.

And so concludes my thought of the day. Now for my product review of the day.

Eat these: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Seriously. They are like frozen crack. Only 70 calories too. I've been eating one or two, every day, for a couple months now. I can't stop.


poetmom said…
Frozen daughter would really like that. If you're playing the lottery I think you are the ultimate optimist.:) We play once in awhile. Of course when we don't win I go into "bah humbug" and don't play for a long time.

Astaryth said…
You are absolutely right about those frozen lemonades... I can't keep them in the house MMmmmmmm! And there is another frozen juice that we like, but the name escapes me right now. Luckily, Geoff is just as happy with those frozen ice stick things in plastic that you can buy 100 at a time for little kids.. You know the ones? Well, he has no taste, thank goodness cause he eats them 2 at a time and I could never afford to keep him in the expensive ones LOL!

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