Hello Kitty!

Just for Chris...

I love Hello Kitty stuff...

My Hello Kitty jewelry box (with nifty removable bracelets you can wear) and my Hello Kitty toaster style note paper dispenser with toast shaped paper. I also have a Hello Kitty watch and a bunch of other stuff, but I didn't feel like combing the house for those. These were handily right on my desk.

I'd love a Hello Kitty backpack. But they don't make one with the straps long enough. They are designed for tiny little child bodies. LOL!


poetmom said…
I think my daughter is going to be a Hello Kitty fan. She'd try and eat the paper out of the toaster and then go forth and play with the toaster.:) I'm still getting used to all the girl stuff(toys) with my daughter. I always bought boy stuff for my son and now I'm having fun buying girl themed toys.


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