Maximum Poundage

I sorta left my loyal reader hanging with my last post, didn't I. Sorry about that. During the first year, babies see their doctor a lot more frequently. Several months ago a red flag went up at one of Max's checkups. The doctor remarked that he was below the curve on his weight and if he didn't show significant improvement, she was going to have to do some uncomfortable metabolic tests and whatnot. She also told us to hold off on the introduction of solid foods (formula has more calories).

We were left scratching our heads on that one. Max has had a pretty great first year. He held up his own head only days after coming home from the hospital. He rolled over early. He crawled early. He stood and then took steps early. He's had 2 head colds and one minor ear infection. He eats well and often. He looks proportion, not too small or anything. No one has ever commented that he looked too skinny. What the heck?

So we started feeding him more. More bottles, at first. Then we just couldn't hold off on solids any longer. He was constantly reaching for what ever we were eating. He ate his way through stage 1, 2 and 3 baby foods in no time flat. Before I could even use up all the jars of food, he flat out refused to eat them and only wanted what I was cooking. So we gave it to him. I was amazed at what this kid could eat with only 2 teeth. I would leave snacks within his reach so he could help himself, too. He was pretty much eating all day long. He just had to gain weight, right?

At his next checkup, he'd gained a pound. It was enough to put him in the 1st percentile. Just barely on the curve. What the heck??? His doctor once again told us to focus on bottles, because that's where the calories are. But she had no idea what he'd been eating. We were not skimping on the calories.

Then we went on vacation to a resort that had a buffet restaurant on the premises. Max was in heaven! Steak tips in gravy, french fries and burgers, baby back ribs and chicken smothered in jack cheese and bacon, sausage and egg sandwiches for breakfast with home fries, french toast, roast beef, cheese and fruit platters, ice cream...

We continued to feed him anything he wanted at home. I figured his first birthday checkup would finally be the turning point. He HAD to weigh more now. There is no way he was still at the bottom of the curve.

And, thankfully, he is now in the 10th percentile. Still low, in the doctor's opinion, but a big improvement.

You know what I think? I think he just needed time to catch up. He was only 5 lbs at birth, for cryin' out loud. I just hope this healthy appetite continues. I can't tell you how nice it is to cook a meal and have one of your children stuff it in his face while making mmm mmm yummy noises. Tyler is so blasted picky! It drives us crazy!

So far, Max seems to be following in my footsteps. He loves all the same foods I do. Creamy soups, rich sauces and meat and cream and cake... I just hope his good metabolism continues. I don't want his love of yummy rich foods to catch up with him later in life. One person in this family with a weight problem is enough!

Oh! And birthday party photos are in my Shutterfly album, if you're curious. Link over there to the right. :-)


Donna. W said…
He's probably just going to be one of those people who can eat anything and not get fat. I hate people like that! LOL
poetmom said…
I loathe all the charts and questions of progress doctors have for your child. I can see in some severe cases a doctor going thru the motions. All kids are different in their own way. Their development is unique unto themselves. Max looks great in all his pictures. If he's eating good, then you're set. With my son they thought he had hydrocephalus because his head was kind of big. Turns out his dad's head measurements are huge so it was hereditary. But we were left to worry for a good 2 months. With my daughter, she's off all the charts for being to tall and we have to watch what she eats. There are very tall people on both sides of the family. I just look at the doctor and smile, that's about all you can do.
Astaryth said…
Phhhhhhttttt! I understand that doctors see a lot of kids and have to go by those charts to get a feel for where the kids should be.. BUT... If the kid is healthy otherwise WHY do they have to get all "Let's keep an eye on this"?? I mean all kids grow at their own speeds and you have to go with that. When we were little my Mom said we would "Grow up, then out, then up, then out" Which would explain the pics of me when I was a little chubby then 6 months later I would be a string bean! So, when my own son was doing that I would tell the Doc, "Yep, he's a little heavy just now, but wait a couple of months! He's just building up steam for a growth spurt!" Then the next time he would be worried he was a little skinny!! But, you can see by the pictures of our reunion this Spring that he turned out fine! LOL!
Anonymous said…
My kids were always at the top of the charts and now they are thin, fit, and healthy adults. I (the low birth weight baby whom my mother tried to fatten up) am the fat one. Those charts are a joke. It does however, give them something to work with to catch those occasional
"failure to thrive" babies.
Max looks happy and healthy.
alphawoman said…
They told my step daughter that her baby was below normal....I have no idea how that is possible because we call her "Big-un" to each other! He sounds like a good eater to me!!
Shari said…
Becky, sometimes those charts don't mean a thing! He looks like a really healthy baby boy to me!
I think he will be one of those people that I envy, they can eat anyting they want and not gain a pound, lol!
Tressa said…
Ya know...I was only 3lb 9 oz at birth and while I am no Amazon now, at 5'4" I am the tallest of all the girls in my family and at a pretty healthy wait. My mother says I was small for the first 2 years and then I started passing up everyone...

Doctors are usually only making educated guesses. Once in a while those guesses are wrong.
Anonymous said…
Those charts that are being used today have been used for over 50 years. Don't worry aout this. He eats well and will put on weight with time. He is beautiful.

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