Max's birthday party isn't until Saturday, but we couldn't let his actual birthday pass unrecognized. So we sang and had cupcakes. I won't post the video of us singing (I'll spare you that one). But here is Max enjoying his first birthday cupcake:


Now we are off to the pediatrician for his annual checkup. Oh boy! Maybe we'll stop at McDonalds on the way for some pancakes. We need him to weigh as much as possible today. More on that later.


poetmom said…
That is SO cute! He's digg'n that cupcake. He's got the sweetest smile. You're a good mom.:)
Anonymous said…
Ooooh, that looks so tasty!! I bet he enjoyed it :O)

Does the doctor think he is small??? He looks pretty healthy to me!!

Emily Suess said…
Happy birthday to Max! :)
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Max! It doesn't seem possible that he is a year old already. The video is adorable.
Anonymous said…
Adorable! I also enjoyed listening to Ty in the background:) too of course!
It's hard to believe he is one already. Which means I am another year older too, ugh.
Liz said…
Happy birthday Max! Could that video be any cuter?!?! Man....wish I could enjoy my cupcakes like that now, without being stared at like some crazy old woman. ;) Why the need for the extra weight? He looks fine to me!

~Aunt Nub~
Chris said…
Max....RUN there will be shots....don't fall for the Mickey D bribe...RUNNNNNNN :)
Laura said…
LOL i love chris' admonition. one word on that...we nurses HATE giving those shots! the mean old docs make us do it.
happy birthday max! my goodness, has it really been a year?
hugs to you a nd your amazing boys!
alphawoman said…
How adorable. It (naturally) reminds me of Bridget's first when she had most the cake and icing on her rather than in her mouth.

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